Available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic

If development organizations are to thrive, managers need to develop the knowledge and confidence to make full use of financial management tools.

Financial Management for Development  Professionals (FMD Pro) online responsive e-learning courses are a resource for project teams to test and embed what they have learned about the fundamentals of financial management.

Each module provides interactive content that works seamlessly on all devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones), providing customized lessons with learning logs and interactive blogs.

Content list:

  • DPro – FMD Pro: Financial Management Key Concepts (Module 1)
  • DPro – FMD Pro: Accounting Records (Module 2)
  • DPro – FMD Pro: Financial Planning (Module 3)
  • DPro – FMD Pro: Financial Monitoring (Module 4)
  • DPro – FMD Pro: Internal Control (Module 5)

For more information and tools on FMD Pro visit https://fmdpro.org/